Instrument du traitement du canal radiculaire RCTI-DY(II)

Instrument du traitement du canal radiculaire RCTI-DY(II)
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* This unit can use both independent endodontic shaping or together with Apex location function.
* Large size LCD's screen privide more clear and accurate data to the operator during their operation.
* 10 different program (Can be memorized) which can be preset according the requirement of the operator.
* Auto-reverse function: When the rotary file reaches the preset torque, the file will automatically withdraw until resistance cleared.
* The unit is powered by rechargable Lithium battery, in order to protect the life-span and working life of the battery. The machine will turn off automatically in 8 minutes without use.
* Contra angle, file holder and stainless hook can be 135¡æ autoclaved.
* The apex locator function can preset the Apex area, when the rotary file arrived to the preset Apex area, the machine will stop rotary.
* Endo Motor RCTI-DY (II) ia apploed to dental especially endodontic treatment. It is used for treat teh root canal pulp necrosis, chronic pulpitis, chronic apical periodontitis (including mear tooth apical swelling, periapical abscess, periapical cyst), periodontal pulp syndrome and systemic diseases should not be extrac but urgent needed to be treat.

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