Lampe à photopolymériser dentaire JR-CL17R

Lampe à photopolymériser dentaire JR-CL17R
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Red Light Disinfection Unit JR-CL17R


1. Working priciple:The red light illuminate and activated the photosensitive agent,then oxygen free radicals produced and it will broken the bacterias membrane to make more than 99% bacteria killed.

2. It need to will work together with the photosensitive agent.

3. It can be used for Periodontitis, Periimplantitis, Alveolar osteitis, Pulpitis,

Dental ulcer and Lip herpes.


1. kill 99% bacterias with high efficiency,low cost and short time.

2. Painless and harmless photodynamic disinfection,damage oral bacterial and restrain its growing without any harm for rounded healthy organization.

3. World advanced therapy for periodontical disease and eliminate inflammation,relieve pain and accelerates healing.

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