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1: 1 Contre-angle 1020CHL avec lumière LED
1:1 Contra-angle with led light With powerful light, every operation in oral cavity would be more clearly and acrurate in precision work Specif..
92,68€ 87,68€
1:1 Contra angle 1020CH (bouton poussoir)
1:1 Contra angle 1020CH (Push button) Specifications: 1:1 contra-angle 1.Internal irrigation 2.Push button type 3.The head can be chang..
59,66€ 54,66€
1:1 contra angle tête 1020CH-018
Head for the contra angle 1:1 1020CH-018 Product Description: 1.Unique design, internal cooling system, great chucking power, and button bur cha..
36,28€ 31,28€
Amalgamateur dentaire violet HL-AH G8
Feature: With digital LCD display. Adjust time and speed freely. (Time: 1-99s, Speed: 2800-5000rpm) Time setting with memory function. Sec..
120,12€ 115,12€
angle pièce à main à 45°haute vitesse 4 trous LY-24-01 wrench
45°angle handpiece LY-24-01 4holes wrench Configuration:2 holes or 4 holes, wrench Specifications: 45°angle,opening cartridge, single spray ..
48,36€ 43,36€
Détartreur à ultrasons dentaire K1
Description: Compatible brand:Satelec Sealed Handpiece Scaling & Perio function 5 tips attached: G1*2,G2,G4,P1 Packing Size(mm):  ..
98,68€ 93,68€
Machine de nettoyage numérique à ultrasons CE-6200A
CE FCC RoHS Features: High power Transducer for Superior Cleaning Results  Large Tank Capacity for Professional Cleaning Isolated-Circuit..
51,46€ 49,46€
Pièce à main de haute vitesse avec bouton poussoir 361K
FEATURE: 1. Professional LED light source, superior brightness, longevity 10000 hours. 2. Unique electric generator, just a little air c..
66,79€ 60,76€
Pièce à main dentaire droite spray d'eau intérieur TX-414-8C
Features: DESCRIPTION TYPE:low speed handpiece 1:1Ratio SUPPLY AIR PRESURE:0.30Mpa-0.35Mpa ROTATE SPEED:≥18.000r/min BUR APPLICABLE:Φ2.345-2.355..
66,08€ 61,08€

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